Kevin Rohde

Consumable Culture

12/11/15 – 1/15/16


Opening reception:

Friday, December 11th, 2015.



SCCC Gallery Building C

One College Hill Road

Newton, NJ 07860

Consumable Culture by Kevin Rohde

It is with cloth in the form of clothing that we separate ourselves from the natural world and it is with that same cloth that we express ourselves to those around us. It provides

protection, and comfort as well as restriction. With my current body of work I examine our relationship with clothing, and its use as a symbol to question ideas of consumerism, classicism, and societal development. In some cases the fiber functions to pull the figure into the realm of the natural, and in others it pushes us on toward the world of fabrication.


Each piece is also an expression of the effects of environment. With each work I attempt to describe the surroundings, the time, and the cultural emotion through the lens of the individual. To this point my subjects have been the people in my surroundings; during my time, expressing the emotions of a generation caught in a world of excess. Weather it be the struggle of a figure to escape the social cage it is trapped within or the desire to lift the garments of a stereotype from off their back, my focus is to depict the impact of environment on the human condition. Each sculpture carries with it clues to its surroundings in an attempt to question ideas of consumerism, classicism, and societal development. Darkness, humor, and hope all play their part to express a truth of our culture.

Kevin Rohde is a ceramic sculptor living an working in Baltimore, MD. Kevin was the recipient of a Fogelberg Fellowship at Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, MN from 2012-13 and the recipient of the 2013-14 Lormina Salter Fellowship at Baltimore Clayworks where he currently maintains his studio practice as a resident artist. He was recently published as an Emerging Artists in the May 2014 issue of Ceramics Monthly Magazine. Kevin received his B.A. from Keystone College in 2007 and his MFA from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2012.  Currently he teaches figure sculpture classes at Baltimore Clayworks and is the Professorial Lecturer of Ceramics at George Washington University.


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The Project Room – Figure Drawing

by Kulvinder Kaur Dhew


Contemporary art explores ideas, questions and concepts that examine the past, describe the present and imagine the future.  In the light of such a framework, there is no singular way to define the role of figure drawing in the pursuit of a creative practice.  However, the act of drawing has long been considered the foundation of many art and design applications, essential to the formation of a particular style and technique.  Drawing is increasingly regarded as tacit in nature and a medium in its own right, and the figure as a subject for ongoing exploration. 


The value of cognitive and practical function in observational figure drawing can be evidenced by the seemingly simple act of the first drawing a child presents to parents.  Often, it includes an assembly of figures. Many such drawings occupy exalted positions in the home because of the intense meaning of the connection that we human beings have for each other.  We interpret and filter the things around us in deeply intimate ways regardless of the changing cultural landscape of identity, values and beliefs.


By recording the human figure, we are at once reflecting and broadcasting ways that we think about our position within culture. In the process of recreating with our own hands what lies before our eyes, we naturally move from a position of simply observing the ‘body’, to one through which we might acquire a deeper understanding of its mechanism.


The works in the Project room are examples of drawings made by students enrolled at Sussex County Community College.  The life drawing classes are conducted on site in our studios in the Art Department.  Unlike Mr. Rohde’s finished works, the suite of drawings are sketch-like and inhabit that time between concept and realization.

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