Macyn Bolt

‘Twisted Logic’


12/08/17 – 01/12/18


Opening Reception

Friday December 8th 2017.


All welcome


SCCC Gallery ‘C’ building

1 College Hill Road.

Newton, NJ 07860.

973 300 2100/2144

Sussex County Community College Gallery is delighted to present ‘Twisted Logic’, an installation of paintings by Macyn Bolt. The suite of works includes large and small-scale paintings exploring concepts of color fields and architectural shifts within visual perception. His interest in symmetry and mirroring within American abstract painting invites viewers to contemplate and experience the work as they reflect on illusionary space, interaction and visual poetry.

‘At the heart of my artistic practice is an interest in qualities of reflection, mirroring and contrasting perspectives that are unique to the space of abstract painting. With the dramatic and subtle properties of color, open and closed forms and interlocking shapes, I seek to give voice to the complex, often contradictory nature of spatial comprehension. Employing reductive geometric imagery anchored within the symmetry of two equal compositional divisions, the crosscurrents of illusionary and fixed spatial polarities ricochet off each other to ultimately find a tentative equilibrium. I think of my work as a vehicle for unique metaphorical meaning that is rooted in the experience of seeing.’

Macyn Bolt’s is in many corporate and institutional collections, including The Newark Museum, Grand Rapids Art Museum, The Blanton Museum of Art, The Boca Raton Museum of Art, Deutsche Bank, and JPMorgan Chase.

He currently lives and maintains studios in Brooklyn, NY and upstate Pennsylvania.

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