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'Quantum' A thought on my paintings

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Kulvinder Kaur Dhew

We are in a period of striking scientific progress. In my mind, art and science has always accompanied each other either in content, form and technique. Scientific advancements have often been exploited and utilized by artists. I think of the many sophisticated features of science and technology as metaphorical to the human endeavor of stating our place within the environment that we find ourselves in.

When I was constructing the paintings in this exhibition, I recalled the analysis of the physics of the universe based on matter, energy and information. Whether narrated through classical texts such as the Vedic Bhagavad Gita (darkness, fire and light) or atomic theory (chaos, geometry and logic). The ancient and contemporary impulse to make art seems to be to generate meaning. The paintings in this exhibition serve as reflections of, and my curiosity about, the unknowns. It is a sumptuous ride where the sweetness of folly leads to heady drunk wisdom.

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