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Popup Opening Reception 3.9.17

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

I have always had a strong fascination with the transient, the idea of intense excitement, urgency and dynamic that comes with the notion of a ‘pop-up’ event. There is a feeling of subversive, personal warmth not tethered to a more traditional art showcase venue. As we headed from sea level on the east coast to 7000 feet above, Flagstaff, Arizona became crystalline. Our ears began to pop and the air felt thin, the 4-day event became a reality.

The opening reception was really well received with many people coming as intrigued strangers, leaving as friends. A new kind of counter culture is alive and well in the South West. I met a person who lived on a boat on the Californian coast for years collecting data for NOAA, an astronomer who actually lived in the library at the Lowell Observatory for 30 years, a politician and a poet to name a few. It was a wonderful experience and made me ponder the liminal landscape that we were about to cross on our adventure towards California where we would take our exhibition.

#KulvinderKaurDhew #BruceDehnert #Popup #212 #Flagstaff #Exhibition

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