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Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Flashback to the opening day of our exhibition at the began with discussions of our art practice and ended with a wonderful feeling of knowing that all of the hours involved in the art making process, made total sense.

Communicating the creative life can often be daunting and the challenges of broadcasting ideas about art, its relevance to current environment/context can be intense, however when it leads to the kind of engagement that was present at the Rose Gallery in San Diego, it is always worth it.

The students were aware of their privilege, ethical compass and place in the world. Something that the school appears to place importance on. It was fresh and inspiring.

We talked about a multitude of topics, including climate change, carbon, the moon, space-travel, Darwin, Sheryl Sandberg, Elon Musk, Mahatma Gandhi, Vladimir Putin, the singularity, aliens etc.

Exhibition continues until April 26th 2017.

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