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Art Y Paint?

Kulvinder Kaur Dhew

After dreaming about, interacting and consuming the world, its symbols, elements and matter, I make paintings to tell the story of the passage of time from my particular perspective. It makes for a credible, though somewhat edited milestone. Additionally, I am hyper-aware of color and its use within my paintings, the juicy, chaotic collision of one pigment to another. The gestures and movement in the paintings are metaphoric concerns that are personal, emotive and political.

I want to document the moment of time as I construct the pieces, like a note that boomerangs in a quantum, visceral manner. This sense of collaboration; the way ideas are broadcast and received is what sustains my studio practice. For me, the paintings function as visual poems, lyrical, emotive. They are not designed to be fixed in the mind as a singular image, more as a conversation. I am interested in the tension between the abstract and the figurative. Also to reflect on the nature and process of painting itself in order to celebrate the possibility that art practice can ultimately lead to a subtle, sophisticated and perhaps evolved understanding of oneself and others place in the world.

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