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Exhibiting - Actual v Digi

There is an interesting dynamic that occurs when an artist organizes an exhibition. The process often clarifies the role of visual practice as commentary on contemporary culture. There are bursts of energy, new chapters and potential projects that bubble up to the surface around staging a physical exhibition.

It is quite different to exhibiting artwork on digital platforms. These modes allow a curatorial control by the maker that is somewhat ether based, cloud-like. The speedy journalistic entries pay homage to the eternal 'now'. The sheer physical effort required to put on an exhibition is rewarding in that the random meeting of others during the event can often lead to fresh relationships, narrative and creative ventures. The act of experiencing objects in real time and space, as opposed to device-based images, contains the potential for new ways of thinking, doing and continuing the creative process that began in the studio/lab. The vibes are positive in equal measure.

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